Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's Treasures: Gift Wish List

Unless you haven't looked at a calendar recently you will know that Christmas is coming! We're a week from Thanksgiving and the "official" kick off of the season. I love Christmas (although I can't stand the cold) and have had my Christmas tree up since the day after Halloween.

So with Christmas coming so does shopping for presents! I've started a list of what to buy for everyone else but have also been pondering what I want as well. Since my birthday is less than two months after Christmas (I'm turning 30!!!!!!) anyone who looks at this can use this as a reference for birthday presents as well (isn't that thoughtful of me? LOL!) So now onto the list, in no particular order..........

TOMS Wedges: I've had my eye on these for AGES. Unfortunately they are out of the taupe color but at this point I'll take them in just about any color since they're all neutrals that are available (oh and I wear a size 7, I checked!)

Steve Madden Olympiaa Wedge Sneakers: These have been around for a while as well. With my foot problems I can't wear heels like I used to, but I can get away with a wedge and I've heard these are super comfortable (again, size 7!)

A new TV (or two): Both our TVs are from the dark ages (i.e. ANALOG!) and with the industry switch to digital signals we're left with one TV attached to a digital converter box with a set of bunny ears antenna; the other is hooked up to our Wii so we can use Netflix but that's it. We don't pay for cable so we just get the basic channels on the one with the converter box but the signal is very wonky and doesn't work half the time. If we switch to a newer TV (with the digital tuner already in the TV) we can throw away the bunny ears and watch TV!

A Blu-ray player: This was on my list last year but as we don't really have the appropriate TV to play HD movies if we get one we need the other.

The Harry Potter Wizards Collection: I'll admit, I'm a big nerd and I love Harry Potter. I have (almost) all of the films but the boxed set comes with way more than the films. Tons of extras and collectables, perfect for any Potterhead.

(I know I said this list was in no particular order but these are really at the TOP of my list) Disney Gift Cards: It's no secret that I'm a Disney fanatic, it's an obsession and I'm proud of it. So I'm asking people to feed the habit (available online and at your local Disney store)! 


  1. You're not making it easy on Santa this year, are you? Rachel has expensive taste! lol There are a lot of Black Friday sales with Blu Ray players under $100. I'd also like the HP movies (I held out waiting for the perfect box set and this may be it!). I hope you get what you want. :D

    1. Yeah poor Santa, which is why this list can also cover my birthday so the birthday fairy can take some of the hit too LOL!

    2. LOL, you may need the Easter bunny to pitch in too. ;)