Thursday, March 14, 2013

30th Birthday Disney Trip: Part 2

Thursday, February 28th

Today was our first full day in the parks and we were spending it in my favorite, the Studios! We arrived at park opening and started off with grabbing Fastpasses for Toy Story Midway Mania. I went to grab something to eat while Chauncey walked through "One Man's Dream". Our friend Sandi showed up and we hung out near the Sorcerer's Hat for the Citizens of Hollywood to come out for their first set.

Bo Wrangler

Dara Vamp

Ben Appetite

Dorma Nesmond

Daley Reels

Officer Percival Peabody

Officer William Club (which I just got his name, William...Bill...Billy...billy club!)

$helby Mayer

Evie Starlight

We then parted ways with Sandi so that Chauncey and I could make our ADR at Sci-Fi Dine In, one of our favorite restaurants!

Fried pickles! LOVE!

Buffalo popcorn chicken

St. Louis style ribs with cole slaw and baked beans

Peanut butter and chocolate lava cake

Then we stalked saw the Citizens again

Jack Diamond and I

I asked Dara how much she had drank that day, she said not enough!

Jack does some great card tricks and sleight of hand

Dara wasn't impressed

Jack of Diamonds, Jack's favorite card

I picked up this hat, isn't it fab!

These pictures will make more sense once I post the video....

Dara loved my hat

Officer Peabody was excited he got Colton's autograph

We then saw the Beauty and the Beast stage show, something we had never done before. It's the story of BatB in a musical (yet abridged) version.

We stopped into the Tune In Lounge for a couple of adult beverages

We decided to catch Fantasmic! since we hadn't seen it since our honeymoon.

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  1. I love your Maleficent hat! :)

    You always (stalk) watch the Citizens show so it's definitely on my must see when we go one day too.