Sunday, March 24, 2013

30th Birthday Disney Trip: Part 3

Friday, March 1st

Friday was our Magic Kingdom day. I let Chauncey sleep in and headed to the park by myself. I had seen on Facebook and Twitter that author Ridley Pearson was going to be in the MK that same day! If you don't know who Ridley Pearson is he's the author of the Kingdom Keepers series of books (they're really good books, if you are a Disney fan and a fan of adventure type books i.e. the Harry Potter variety you'll probably enjoy the Kingdom Keepers). Ridley had Tweeted a picture of where he was filming something for Disney and I knew exactly where he was, at the old Swan Boat landing that's down by the moat of the castle on your way to Tomorrowland from the Hub. As they were filming I went and grabbed something to eat and stake out a spot so I could catch Ridley when they finished Sandi when she showed up. Sandi showed up about the same time they finished filming and I managed to catch Ridley!


He even gave me a birthday hug and Tweeted about our meeting with a picture!

Not long after Chauncey met showed up along with another friend, Gail. And we all hung out in the Magic Kingdom.

Of course we had to go see Mickey!

We had lunch at Be Our Guest (read my review on lunch at BOG here!)

The suits of armor are made in Spain

Hidden Mickey!

Limited Time Magic: The Dapper Dans Sing Boy Bands

Sandi and Gail eventually left but we hung out to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade


  1. Aww I miss the Electical Parade. That's so cool about getting a shout-out by the author. You're so famous! ;)

    1. Supposedly the MSEP is leaving WDW this summer and Spectromagic is coming back. So maybe MSEP will be headed back west? I'm good at tracking down celebrities, sometimes on purpose and sometimes it's just good luck and timing.