Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shopping Vlog: Spring Trends at Marshalls


  1. So was the end stuff what you ended up buying?

    I love polka-dots so I'm glad they're "in season" and I LOVE lace. That white lace dress you tried on close to minute 4 was so cute! I want it. :)

    Not feeling the floral printed pants though. Maybe if I was stick skinny I could pull them off, but not with my curves now.

    I also like the skater dress trend. I got one last year not knowing what it was (just thinking it was a summer dress) and now they're all the rage. lol

    1. I ended up buying the black and white top, the peachy/nude one and a pair of shoes that weren't in the video.

      Yeah the floral pants were a bit much, I think you have to be a model to pull those off.

      I think polka dots will always be in season. I've been wanting to get my hands on a white lace dress but I've yet to find one I love....must keep looking!