Saturday, February 21, 2015

Capsule Wardrobes: The Great Closet Clean-out of 2015

great closet clean out of 2015

Through Pinterest, I've recently been enlightened on the idea of "capsule wardrobes". I'm not entirely sure where the concept originated, but at lot of the blogs and articles I've read point toward Project 333 as their inspiration. Project 333 was started by writer Courtney Carver back in 2010 as an attempt at minimalist living and has since grown and spread as an idea globally.
The general idea with capsule wardrobes is to pare down your closet to a set number of pieces per season (in Project 333's case it's 33 pieces per 3 month season: spring, summer, fall, and winter). The thinking is, the less you have in your closet, the easier it is to choose what to wear each day. You pare down your wardrobe to pieces you really love and that work well with one another, so mixing-and-matching is a snap!

The best part is, that your capsule(s) can be adjusted based on your lifestyle. I've seen some who have capsules for work wear, and separate ones for weekends/casual wear. Generally items like workout clothes/housework items (that one shirt and pair of pants you use for painting and cleaning the bathroom) are not included. The overall idea is the reduce the clutter in your closet so that you can focus on more important things in your life.

Since I changed careers, I've slowly have been cleaning out my closet and adjusting my wardrobe. But I know I could take it even further. I find myself struggling almost daily on trying to decide what to wear, and I know a lot of that has to do with how much I have in my closet. 

my closet before

Since we're getting ready to change seasons (at least I hope!), I'm giving myself a little bit of time to make this transition happen. It may take a month or two before I reach a point where I'm satisfied (although I am also allowing myself to adjust as needed throughout the year as the seasons change). I have an idea of how I want this to go, but I won't know for sure until I really get elbow-deep into it. So be prepared for me to check-in over the next couple of months as I post updates. I'm nervous but excited at the same time.

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  1. Wow. Good luck! I find it hard to get rid of things. Mostly because they come back into being my favorites when I give them a few years break. For example, I've had a dress in my closet for a decade. I wore it once on my b-day and never again (mostly because it needed alterations). Fast forward to last week when I finally took it to get altered since that's what I plan to wear to Dapper Day this weekend. Then there was another top that I LOVED and wore to death years ago that just made it back into the rotation for Valentine's day. So me "getting rid" of things means giving it a break and putting it at the back, but at least I eventually use them! lol Problem is I'm running out of space and get new things all the time. I have a problem! lol

    1. It's a tough thing, I think a lot of it has to do with lifestyle and personality. I work in a casual environment so I don't really need "dressy" clothes, plus I tend to be a casual person. We don't go out to formal events/dinners, we're more homebodies or we're off to a comic convention or a sporting event. I'll get more into that in my next post about this, but that's certainly something to consider if contemplating a wardrobe overhaul.

      In your case, maybe emptying your closet(s) and finding out a new way of organizing and storing your stuff will help. It's taken me several tries to find a way of hanging my items so that it flows and works well together so items are easy to find. I think you'd find your stuff does fit, you just have to organize it differently.

    2. Good points! I will definitely be following your closet cleanup closely!