Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The flood.....

In case you haven't seen my Facebook posts, Sunday evening the apartment above ours had a pipe burst and flooded both our apartment and the apartment below us. We weren't home at the time and by the time we got home they had turned the water off and had started to try and dry our rooms. It got our office, part of the living room and our second bathroom. That evening they shut our electricity off so weren't able to survey the damage well (no lights) so the next morning I went and took pictures. We're still in the process of trying to figure out what to claim on our renters insurance and general cleaning up.

All of my scrapbooking stuff got wet, a lot of it was ruined including many items that were in storage waiting to be place in scrapbooks

There are plenty of spots in the ceiling that are now discolored so you can see exactly where the water went

Early 1990's TV that even after getting soaked still works!

Our carpets were filthy, even after they dried they felt gross. They came in today to shampoo all the carpeting.

Our printer got wet yet still seems to function

Storage tower where I kept my scrapbooking stuff, the top two drawers both had an inch of standing water in them

Part of the ceiling where the ductwork runs for the office, this is where the main leak was

Our iMac desktop, luckily it didn't seem to get wet and still works

 One of the discolor lines that runs across the entire length of the office ceiling

Another line that runs across the length of our living room

This light is in our entryway, the glass globe was full of water and so was the light bulb!

 Water got into the closet, some of our coats got wet

The sat one of the kitchen table chairs on our couch and got it wet in the process

Another stain line, it also runs the entire length of our living room

 One of the large blowers they brought in to dry the carpet

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