Friday, April 22, 2011


"Gimme head with hair Long beautiful hair Shining, gleaming, Streaming, flaxen, waxen

Give me down to there hair Shoulder length or longer Here baby, there mama Everywhere daddy daddy

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair Flow it, show it Long as God can grow it My hair
" -Hair, 1967

I've always had an interesting relationship with my hair. If it can be done, I've probably done it, perm, color, long, short, wavy, straight...all of it! 

Fall 1999 (I started coloring my hair blonde while in high school)

 Spring, 2007

  July, 2008

 Summer, 2009

October, 2009 (I started going back to my natural hair color with highlights)

 December, 2009

August, 2010

 February, 2011 (I cut it to about chin length right before Thanksgiving and have been growing it back since)

 Like I said, my hair has been through many a transformation. It's still a work in progress, however I do have an appointment next week to see my hairdresser (whom unfortunately I haven't been able to see much with school taking most of my free time). I probably won't have anything to drastic done, I really just need it cleaned up as I have terrible split ends. I'm going to keep growing it out but this is what I'm hoping to achieve soon:

Obviously all these women have different hair colors but the general look I'm going for is long layers. My hair is super thick so layering is an easy way to get rid of the bulk, however I've always had drastically different length layers. While this is great when I'm wearing my hair down and not doing much with it, if I try to put it up (ponytail, up-do, etc) I always have large sections fall out because they aren't long enough to be pulled back regardless of how much hairspray or many bobby pins I use. Occasionally I've been successful at curling my hair and other simple styles but I'd like to get more creative but first I must get my hair healthy again.

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