Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clothing and Body Type

If you watch any number of television shows where women's clothing is discussed then you're probably familiar with the most common "body shapes" that are mentioned.

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Now if I was to categorize myself I'd be a hybrid of hourglass, triangle and diamond. I've got curves, I've got a booty (like bordering on J-Lo booty), somewhat broad shoulders, thick thighs, a medium chest and skinny arms. So how do I dress myself? Easy, HOWEVER I WANT! Knowing your body type is a great place to start if you're new at fashion but it's not a be all to end all to follow. It's taken me a loooooooooong time to figure out what looks good on me and that I'm happy wearing out in public, and it's still an ongoing process. My style has changed as my life has changed (gaining/loosing weight, career changes, etc.) and will continue to change, which really is a good excuse to go shopping ;-)


  1. I like the newer terms for body shapes. I didn't much care for "pear" as a description. lol

    1. I know, who wants to be compared to a fruit? Apple, pear, apparently there's even banana!

    2. lol

      I'm waiting for them to come up with "Princess", "Diva", "Superstar" and "Gorgeous" as descriptions. It's a lot easier on the ego. ;)

    3. LOL! Love it! I'm going to start saying I'm "pirate" shaped!