Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhh Monday, for some they dread Monday but with my schedule right now Monday is my day to recuperate from the weekend. And man what I weekend it was!

Friday was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! YEAH! I had a TON of final exams and projects that needed grading (I'm a TA for two classes and both classes have a LOT of students). So I was at school most of the morning and afternoon on Friday. However once everything was done and graded I was officially DONE WITH COLLEGE! Graduation is this coming weekend so stay tuned for a recap.

Friday night my husband and I went and saw The Avengers. I won't go too much into how AWESOME this movie is, I did a review in a previous post that you can read here.

Saturday was boring, I had to work and while I was there I developed a headache that was a full-blown migraine by the time I got home. So I spend Saturday afternoon/evening in bed. I've suffered from migraines for several years, I don't get them very often (probably 3-4 a year) but when I do they are debilitating.

Thankfully Sunday I didn't have to work and was able to sleep in. I spent Sunday afternoon watching the NASCAR race at Talladega, unfortunately all of my drivers had a bad race (which is the nature of restrictor plate racing, really unpredictable). And then Sunday night my husband and I went and saw Weird Al! This was my third time seeing him and my husband's second time. Al always puts on a great show:

Complimented this guy (the one on the right) on his shirt, turns out he was an extra in The Avengers!

Oh and then THIS happened!


  1. WEIRD AL TOUCHED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Well he touched the piece of paper he signed, the security on hand explicitly said "do not touch him". I think it made sense because 1) He's in his bus so there's no place for him to go if someone decided to go crazy on him and 2) he won't risk catching any germs from fans. I didn't mind though, I was just in shock that I got to meet him!

    2. The perspective in the picture made it seem like he had his hand on your back. Let me change my comment to, " YOU MET WEIRD AL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" heheeh

      That's still so cool! I didn't know he was a germaphobe. I know Howie Mandel is like that but didn't know there were other extreme germaphobic celebs. What a great way to celebrate the end of school for you! :)