Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

So after my last weekend wrap up post, this one is going to be pretty boring. In a nutshell, I worked all weekend. I'm still at the same job I've had the entire time I was in college and while I won't tell you where I work, I will say that it is in retail and therefore work retail hours.

I did listen to the NASCAR All Star Race on Saturday night (it was on TV on Speed but we don't have cable so we listened to it on the radio). Unfortunately one of my least favorite drivers won.

Then Sunday morning at 3:45 AM our neighbors above us decided they needed to vacuum their apartment. Not pleasant.

After I got off work on Sunday I spent the rest of the evening working on a video I'm doing for a friend and watching the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. I really wanted Clay to win but both he and Arsenio did a good job.

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