Monday, June 3, 2013



loving: My husband (well I always love him). He went up to Michigan last week to camp with some friends and family (I couldn't get out of work) and I missed him terribly! So I'm super glad he's home!

looking forward to: Our mini-vacation in a few weeks. We're headed to Michigan to go to an amusement park and to explore some of the areas the hubby visited when he was younger.

obsessing: Finding fun places here in Indiana for us to do and visit this summer. I am loving playing tourist in our back yard.

watching: The tree outside our door wave in the breeze and the birds fly in and out of the branches.

eating: The hubby brought home Strawberry Whoppers, they are amazing!

listening to: The Dave Ramsey Show. The hubby and I are dedicated into getting out of debt so that we don't have anything weighing us down when the time comes that hubby is ready to apply to Imagineering.

over the moon about: That Paul McCartney is NEXT MONTH! I am so excited to see Sir Paul.


  1. I just noticed the new blog look. I like the purple. :)

    1. Thanks! I think having all of the buttons on one side makes it less cluttered. Plus I like purple ;-)