Thursday, June 13, 2013

That time I almost got ran over by Lebron James

So with the NBA Finals in full swing (and Lebron James trying to win his second title with Miami) I thought I'd share this quick story about my own stint in the NBA. Back in the spring semester of 2008 I got an internship with the Indiana Pacers in the broadcasting department.

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The hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I at a Pacer game

The internship was really cool. I got to learn how they do the TV broadcasts for games, the in-house stuff like the "fan cams", and got to participate in things like promotional shoots. But I digress, one evening the Pacers were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, which meant that The King: Lebron James was in the house. That particular evening I was assigned to shadow one of the in-house camera guys and we started the evening on the game floor. A bunch of the players were out on the court warming up, stretching with the trainers and other exercises. I was standing next to the camera guy while he figured out where he wanted us to be when they did the national anthem and player introductions. Lebron was nearby warming up, and let me tell you, Lebron is HUGE! He's 6' 8", 250 lbs and all muscle. His biceps are the size of my head.

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Anyways, I was standing there and Lebron starts doing these shuttle moves, going back and forth across the floor sideways.

Obviously not Lebron
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Since he was going sideways and was facing forward he didn't see how close he was getting to anyone around him. So at one point he was shuffling so far over that he almost ran into me and the camera guy. Thankfully I was paying attention and moved out of the way before he ran us over. I don't think he even realized how close he got, he was in the zone. Eventually the game started and we all did our job and at the end of the day I learned more about the NBA, including that if a 250 pound forward is headed your way....move!


  1. LOL, I'm glad you weren't injured in the incident. I bet it would've hurt a lot! lol

    We've also had near misses with careless celebrities (all with cars, so I bet it would be a similar impact to the one you almost got from Lebron). We'll have to trade stories sometime. :)

    1. That's funny (kinda, almost getting hit by a car isn't really funny, but kinda is). My mom almost got hit by race car driver Mario Andretti while he was driving a golf cart so that's kinda close. I have all sorts of celebrity encounter stories, although none of them involve almost bodily harm except this one.

    2. hehehe, I know what you mean. I guess Mario thought he was in a race car and not a golf cart if he almost hit your mom. Oh silly famous people! ;)