Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spring Break in WDW: Part 4

Monday, March 18th

Monday was spent mostly in the MK. I had a pretty bad sunburn from the two days before, so before heading out I stopped at the gift shop and bought some sunscreen. I figured I couldn't save what had been burnt, but I could stop from making it worse. So with my new bottle of sunscreen in hand, The Dufftor (aka Duffy) and I were off to the MK.

I continued my character hunting going by grabbing FP for Mickey (and getting a bonus FP for Dumbo in the process!) and making a beeline to New Fantasyland to see Ariel.

Somewhere between Ariel and Mickey I stopped for a bite to eat in Liberty Square at Sleepy Hallow Refreshments. I highly recommend this as a snack and/or light meal. It's a waffle with Nutella and fresh fruit!

I can't find my picture of Mickey and I...

Any who, after seeing Mickey I went ahead and grabbed a FP for the princesses as well and then went back to Storybook Circus and saw the rest of the Fab 5.

And then The Dufftor and I rode Dumbo, a ride I haven't been on years and years. You can see so much of the MK now with Dumbo's new location.

See how red my chest is, I got fried!

Then it was off to see the princesses, thank goodness I had FP. Their line is always so long! I walked up to the FP line and there was a group of some teenage girls in front of me, and that was it. They looked at me and said, "You figured out there's FP too?" It's amazing how so many people will wait in long lines when FP is available.

I saw Tink too!

Then I spent a good part of the day just wandering the MK, not really doing anything in particular.

These two were just walking down Main Street USA like a couple of tourists. I thought it was cute.

Then I hopped over to EPCOT where The Dufftor finally got to meet Duffy!

I can't find that picture either....

*I'm not sure where some of my pictures went...I know I have them....I guess if I can't find them I'll just have to go back to WDW and take them again ;-)


  1. I love Disney World! We live in Florida, so my family is there all the time. We have even been to the ones in Hong Kong and Paris. I am new follower from the collective blog hop.

    1. That's awesome! We're hoping to relocate eventually to Florida (not only just to be closer to WDW but for the weather!) We've got plans to visit the other parks outside of the US in the future, although my husband wants to wait until the park in Shanghai is done and do that one first. I'm partial to Paris myself.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think you had an awesome companion that day and I loved all your character pics. :)

    1. Thanks! I wish I knew where my missing pictures have gone, I uploaded all of them to FB....and yes The Dufftor makes a beary good park buddy.