Saturday, June 1, 2013

Road trippin': Crown Hill Cemetery

The weather has crapped out on us in the last few days, but it was much nicer earlier in the week and I didn't want to waste it by staying inside. I was by myself as everyone else was at work, so I didn't want to wander too far away from home. So I went downtown to Crown Hill Cemetery, which until this day I don't think I had ever been inside of. Crown Hill is huge at 555 acres, with 25 miles of paved roads, and over 150 species of trees and plants (and a lot of animals including deer, chipmunks, squirrels and more). The day was beautiful, I spent hours driving and walking around listening to nature, enjoying the fresh air, admiring the architecture of the various headstones and other works of art. I also scoped out several of the more famous graves of Crown Hill's residents including President Benjamin Harrison; notorious bank robber John Dillinger; and inventor of the gun carrying his namesake, Dr. Richard Gatling. There are several more that I didn't have time to find, so I'll have to go back again.

I thought this woman looked like one of the characters from the Haunted Mansion

Heros Of Public Safety Memorial

I think it's so cool that they can carve stone like that to look like draped fabric

The view from the top of Crown Hill

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  1. I've never visited a cemetery for the art before, but I can see the beauty in the pieces all around this one. Looks like a very nice resting place.