Friday, July 5, 2013

I want you!

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So for the past few weeks I've been working on changing up the branding and focus of this blog. While I love fashion and makeup, I feel a bit pigeonholed and want to expand what I share with my readers. You've probably noticed the new header and color scheme the blog has taken on, and that's a sign of where things are headed. While I still want to talk about clothes and makeup, I want to focus more on my real And where do you, dear reader, fit in? I'm putting a call out and need your help! I'm looking for people who know about/connected to/work with:

-Tourist attractions: zoos, museums, amusement parks, historical sites, national parks/gardens, aquariums, sporting venues, farms, casinos, etc.

-Special events: wine festivals, cultural festivals, charity events, sporting events, concerts, Renaissance faires, historical reenactments, etc.

-Specialty shops/eating establishments: diners, wineries, boutiques, restaurants, etc.

Why the call out? I've been lucky enough to travel the US and have been to visit some of the well known attractions around the country. However I know there is way more that gets missed, and I want to be the one to share it with you. So if you are connected to or know of anyone connected to any of the related above, I want to hear from you. If it's local enough I'd love to come and visit your attraction (I'm willing to travel but only to a point as I am self-funding this venture), talk to you, take video/pictures (if you don't mind). If travel can't happen I'd love to talk via email/Skype/Google Hangout and get information from you that I can share with my readers. It won't cost you a thing, just your time. I want to do this, not only to satisfy my own curiosity about what this world has to offer, but to also share with my audience. So if you think this might be for you and your business/event, please email me and we'll talk:

stylesandsmarts (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm really excited about this direction for the blog and I hope that you are too!

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