Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Live And Let Die

After my road trip on Sunday, the fun continued into the evening when my husband, my mom, her husband, and myself went and saw Paul McCartney. This was my third time seeing Paul, my husband and my mom's second time, and Alan's (my mom's husband) first. Once again Paul put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. The man is 71 years old and rocks out like someone half his age. His voice was a bit scratchy, but I chalked that up to him having a show 48 hours prior, which isn't a lot of time for a voice to rest when someone sings and rocks like he does (that and he tries to still sing in the same key as the songs were originally recorded!). 

The set list was amazing, Paul pulled a lot of songs out of his extensive catalogue that have never been performed live or haven't been performed in decades. Sure I heard plenty of my favorites including "Band On The Run" and "Hey Jude", but I also loved hearing songs like "Your Mother Should Know" and "Lovely Rita" which are more obscure. Paul also told several cool anecdotes including how he met the Minister of Defence in Russia and the minister said that he had learned English from listening to Beatles albums. My only complaint was the show was too short, 2.5-3 hours is not enough. Hopefully we'll get to see Paul again in the future.

The Beatles Wings

The Beatles Wings

Paul "Wix" Wickens (keyboards)

The Beatles Wings

The Beatles Wings

Rusty Anderson (lead guitar)

The Beatles Wings piano

Brian Ray (guitar/bass) and Abe Laboriel Jr. (drums)

Blackbird The Beatles Wings

The Beatles Wings John Lennon If You Were Here Today

Your Mother Should Know Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles Wings

The Beatles Wings Your Mother Should Know Magical Mystery Tour

All Together Now Yellow Submarine The Beatles

Paul's tribute to George: "Something" on the ukulele
Something The Beatles George Harrison ukulele

Live And Let Die Wings James Bond pyro


  1. *CHILLS* Thanks for posting your mini-recap. I was wondering how it went. I love Paul and I'm so glad that you guys got to see him this year. You're so right about his voice, but he's still Paul McCartney so I'll let it slide. ;) I loved the set list and that he brought out a lot of lesser heard Beatles songs. You've inspired me to play Beatles rockband this week. :)

    1. Oh Beatles Rock Band sounds like fun!