Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Road Trippin: Cincinnati, OH (Jungle Jim's and Ikea)

My weekend was busy, especially Sunday. Early in the morning my mom picked me up and we went on a road trip to Cincinnati so visit Jungle Jim's and Ikea, neither of which I had ever been to. Jungle Jim's is in all practical terms, a grocery store, but it is so much more! If they don't have it, you probably don't need it. Plus the entire store is themed with animatronics, props, sets, costumed dummies. They also claim to have to world's best restrooms, something you have to see to believe.

cheese Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

Jungle Jim's famous bathroom Cincinnati Ohio

Jungle Jim's famous bathrooms Cincinnati Ohio

How do you get your kid to get their dairy intake, dress it up!
Jungle Jim's Cincinnati dairy kids Ohio animals flowers novelty

Elvis hangs out near the candy and bakery
Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

display chicken poultry Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio dummy horse

General Mills Lucky Charms Honey Nut Cheerios Trix animatronics Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

Sherwood Forest above the UK foods section
Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio Robin Hood international foods England

Tom Baker would be proud
England candy Tom Baker Doctor Who Fourth 4th Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

Maid Marion
Robin Hood England Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

Of course I found something Disney related!
candy Japan Japanese Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio

Salad bar? How about nothing but olives bar!
Jungle Jim's Cincinnati Ohio olives bar

After Jungle Jim's we were off to Ikea! I had never been to an Ikea (we don't have one in Indiana, Cincinnati is the closest). I was super excited to go as I've heard how amazing it is from other people. Unfortunately I couldn't buy anything as we were in a convertible, but we will be going back eventually to buy some new furniture.

living room couch sectional modern decor

kitchen dining room bar man cave entertaining modern glass tile

man cave leather sectional couch flat screen

bed modern

And of course I had a famous Ikea cinnamon roll
cinnamon roll sticky yummy


  1. IKEA is awesome! I need to go get some lights and curtains soon. And Jungle Jim's looks just like a bigger version of a store we have around here called Stew Leonard's.

    1. Okay I had to look up Stew Leonard's, Jungle Jim's is very similar. Why can we have cool grocery stores like that here?

  2. That Jungle Jim's place looked so cool! I've never heard of it. Is it a chain out there?

    I've never been to an Ikea, but it looks a lot like a Home Depot or Costco.

    1. As far as I know Jungle Jim's is one of a kind, it would be awesome if there were more of them so more people could visit. Ikea does remind me of Home Depot or Costco, but with awesome displays so you can see how stuff goes together and fun food.