Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is why social media is awesome!

So a few of my friends and I had what we call a Tweet-along this past Thursday night. The guys over at Traveling the Vortex do Friday Night Who, where they pick a Doctor Who story and everyone watches it at the same time and converse over Twitter (as everyone is spread out across the country and sometimes the world). We use hashtags such as #FridayNightWho and #StoryTitle so everyone can follow along with the conversation.

Since the unfortunate passing of Kate O'Mara last weekend, Brittany suggested a somewhat impromptu Tweet-along (in addition to Friday Night Who) with one of Kate's stories that she starred in on Doctor Who. We ended up deciding on "The Mark of the Rani" from the Sixth Doctor's era (and one of my absolute favorite Classic Who stories ever) and after some technical difficulties we got our Tweet-along started.

The funny thing about doing this type of thing is that anything can happen. We're fortunate enough that many members of the Doctor Who family (past and present) are active on social media and interact with fans. Every now and then one of us may tag someone in one of our Tweets if we're watching a story they were involved in, and usually nothing comes of it. After all they are busy people and probably get Tweeted at quite a bit, plus many of them live in the UK so with the time difference they aren't likely to be up when we're watching the story anyways. Every now and then someone will get a response, and this past Thursday I got the best responses ever....

My Twitter conversation with Colin Baker

My Twitter conversation with Colin Baker

If you're confused, that would be me talking to Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor....MY DOCTOR! I saw the messages appear on my Twitter feed and I freaked out! Now I've met Colin Baker at Chicago TARDIS, and if you heard my recap on Traveling the Vortex you know that I freaked out then. It's one thing to meet a favorite celebrity at a convention, because that's what the conventions are for. It's another thing to have someone whom you admire take the time to respond via something like Twitter. It may seems like a small thing to some people, but to me it was and is a big deal, it's been three days and I'm still grinning like the Cheshire Cat.