Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Random Questions...

I'm stealing this from Michelle, who stole it from Alissa, who stole it from Buzzfeed

1. What's your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?
On my phone, my lock screen is me and Colin Baker from Chicago TARDIS  (unfortunately Paul McGann and Peter Davison get cut off)
Peter Davison Paul McGann Colin Baker
 When my phone is unlocked it's me and Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman

On my computer at home it rotates through various Doctor Who related images

2. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?
Probably a hard cider of some sort: Woodchuck, Reds, Angry Orchard...I won't discriminate!

3. What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?
Literally, I use it (literally) way too often ;-)

4. What's the last thing you searched for on Google?
The Cincinnati Museum Center, they're the last stop for the Diana, A Celebration exhibit. My mom saw it in Lousville but I didn't get to go, I smell a road trip!

5. Who is the last person who called or texted you?
My husband telling me what our car insurance company said about replacing his windshield (which got a great big crack in it thanks to some random piece of metal that got kicked up by a truck on the highway).

6. What was the last awkward situation you were in, and how did you handle it?
Ummm, I plead the 5th...

7. When is the last time you went to a theater?
I think when we went and saw "Saving Mr. Banks". Looking forward to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" this weekend!

8. What TV show should everyone be watching?
Marvel Agents of SHIELD, it's still finding its footing but it's sooooooo good!

9. What is your TV guilty pleasure?
I barely watch TV so I don't really have one (not having cable helps!)

10. What is the one food you cannot resist?
Bacon....or doughnuts....or a doughnut with bacon

11. What is the first CD you bought?
I think it was the soundtrack to "Yellow Submarine", or a Backstreet Boys CD (don't judge!)

12. What music are you currently listening to?
Metallica....I blame my husband

13. What movie makes you laugh the most?
Clue, so much quotability!
 14. What drives you absolutely crazy?
Oh that's a loaded question isn't it? The biggest thing is people who seem to be living their lives with their head stuck up their rear end, you can't be on autopilot!

15. A secret:
I own a copy of George Michael's "Faith" album

Images: Me/Buzzworthy/GifSoup 


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  1. I'm excited about Captain America too! We "prepped" for the movie by meeting the character at DL last weekend. I also agree with you about SHIELD. It's gotten so much better but sadly most of our friends gave up on it already. As far as guilty pleasures, I'd say GLEE for me. It's not even good anymore, but I can't help keeping up with it because I'm one of those "finish what you start" peeps. I think if you like superheroes you'd like ARROW on CW. We've been watching it since the beginning and it is really well done. Have a great weekend! :D