Friday, November 18, 2011

New video: My quick everyday foundation routine!


  1. Great video Rachel! I applaud your bravery to go bare for the cameras - I personally could never do that. *blush* I thought your video was timely since ysterday I spent the afternoon at the old Max Factor building (it's now a museum) and I learned that his great grandsons are the ones behind Smashbox cosmetics. It was incredible to learn how when he first started, only whores and theater people wore makeup. Society ladies did not, so I'm glad we've come a long way from that way of thinking! lol

    I use the Pink toner from Clinique and also the City Block 40 (it's a great primer - it fills in the old scars and pock marks and makes my pores look smaller and it has spf 40 so it's a win win).

    I use to hold my Mac eye shadows under a hot blow dryer for afew minutes and then used a flat head screwdriver to de-pot it, so you could try that with your Stila gold shadow to figure out it's name. The glue usually still holds it so you can stick it back in the pot afterward (or you could use double stick tape).

  2. Oh a museum about makeup? Cool! Yes I'm so glad that everyday women can wear makeup and not be considered whores or ladies of the stage (unless you're a candidate for What Not To Wear).

    Thanks for telling me about the City Block, the Smashbox green does help with the redness but no matter what I do (with what product I have) fills in the scars, I'll have to look into that.

    I think the gold is "Prize", I looked it up on the Stilla website to see if I recognized the color and I'm pretty sure that's it. But thanks for the tip, those two are the only shadows I have in a pallet like that, all the rest like my MAC shadows are in those black plastic singles with the lids. I'll have to remember your trick though if I get any more that are in a pallet.

  3. Definitely get a sample at Sephora first. It's called Super City Block Daily Oil-Free Face defense Spf 40 (or something like that)and it runs under $25. I don't use very much so I think it lasts around 6 months or so. I'll post the museum pics on DB. They also had other memorabilia from Glee and Harry Potter so it was really a one-stop shop for me. lol