Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Disney Wedding (Part 5): The Groom arrives at Sea Breeze Point

I wandered back to the room where I found my mom sitting on the bed. This was the first time she had seen me all done up and I had seen her and the first thing I said was "I have to use the restroom and you have to help me!" LOL!  Let's just say that a game plan had not been thought of before hand, but we managed to take care of the situation. We still had some time before the limo came back so I took the time to sit and relax. I had been running like crazy and it wasn't even noon!

Meanwhile DH along with Jenni and my brother were taken to the Boardwalk in the limo.

Everyone except myself, my mom and dad had also arrived so Amy got to taking pictures of the groom's side of the family:

They all headed out to Sea Breeze Point where Chauncey set up the video cameras that my brother would be manning for us:

Then Terry gave Chauncey one last chance to escape (only jokingly of course!)

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