Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Disney Wedding (Part 4) Rest of EPCOT portrait session (Italy and Germany)

At this point we had been to the UK, France and Japan and we still weren't done! So next we went to the Italy pavilion. There was a Segway tour that arrived about the same time so we let them go through first, then we took some more pictures.

Our last stop was Germany

I also wanted a few shots with Spaceship Earth in the background

By then it was getting close to the time when the limo would be coming to pick Chauncey up to take him to the Boardwalk. So we hopped back in the van and headed back to Pop.

The limo was right up front at Pop when we got there with Jenni and Joe waiting as they were ridding with Chauncey. So we dropped him off and Amy drove back closer to our room so I could meet up with my mom and dad.


  1. I love these shots! They showcase your awesome dress, and sapphire blue accessories so well and how awesome was your bouquet? :)

  2. I loved my bouquet, Chauncey's mom did all the floral and she did an amazing job!

  3. That's right! And she took a lot of the pre-wedding photography too. You have a talented mother-in-law!

  4. these photos are so fun! i love disney :)