Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Disney Wedding (Part 3) EPCOT Bridal Portrait Session (UK and Japan)

Amy was really nice, talking to us about her work while we rode in the van to the backstage area of World Showcase. It was very cool, especially since we had done the Keys 2 the Kingdom tour the day before, so here we were backstage of a 2nd Disney park. There were various people working, mostly cleaning. They power wash the ground so there were a lot of wet spots we had to avoid (hence in some pictures I'm holding my dress up so it didn't get soaked). We had requested the UK, Germany and Japan as our countries but we managed to get France and Italy as well.

We started in the UK pavilion

Then we hopped back in the van to the France pavilion. Amy got a worker to unlock the door to the perfume shop.

And then we snuck into Le Chefs De France

Then we were back in the van and off to Japan. There was a tour going on so we got a lot of "congratulations" from the people, it was pretty cool, kinda made me feel like a celebrity or something.

Then we climbed the stairs to Teppan Edo

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  1. Your Epcot pictures turned out so stunning! I loved how Chic you looked - especially in the perfume shop portraits.:)