Friday, December 16, 2011

WDW December Trip Pt. 4: Occupy the Jungle Cruise!

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Sunday was our first full day of being able to hang out with our friends from RADP. A bunch of them had been in the MK since rope drop but we slept in a bit and made it for the first official meet of the day which I lovingly call "Splash and Spin." We all grabbed Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain and then we all got in line for Splash Mountain. It's always funny going on attractions with the RADP people, I get a kick out when we get to the front and the cast member asks how many we have in our group and the number is something like 27. Luckily for us Disney is used to large groups. After riding Splash we cashed in our Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain. We then wandered over to Liberty Square where we all grabbed some snacks before riding the Haunted Mansion (btw the new interactive queue is very cool).

We then all broke for lunch, Chauncey and I headed back up to Main Street to get myself a new anniversary button (I had forgotten mine) and then we had lunch at the Plaza Restaurant.

The Mayor of Main Street

We then all met up again to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and another snack break at Aloha Isle for dole whips (we were too full from lunch but we sat and conversed).

A few of us went through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse while the rest were eating

Our next scheduled meet was the Enchanted Tiki Room, a couple of people went and did a run for Fastpasses for the Jungle Cruise.

After the Tiki Room we all went on the Jungle Cruise, which would become the Jungle Cruise to end all Jungle Cruises. Our skipper, Nikita was amazing! Since we were all Disney fanatics we all had been on the Jungle Cruise several times and knew pretty much all of the jokes. So we made it our mission to mess with our skipper (in the nicest way of course, we aren't mean). She took in all in stride of course.

So we got back around to the dock and we all decided that we weren't getting off the boat! It became Occupy the Jungle Cruise! Luckily the manager on duty, Lex, was amazing and while Nikita had to leave us, we got another awesome skipper, Skipper Tyler. We tried to mess with him and while we weren't as successful we still had another great cruise.

We then ran over to Fantasyland to ride Snow White's Scary Adventures which will be closing with the new Fantasyland expansion.

The Beast's castle, part of the new Fantasyland

Chauncey and I then rode It's A Small World

We then hopped over to the Studios to see the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.

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  1. The Jungle Cruise was an absolute highlight of RADP weekend! Great to relive it through your blog.