Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WDW December Trip Pt. 8 Dancing With Phineas and Ferb and more Citizens of Hollywood

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary and we were spending most of the day at the Studios.

We were up for rope drop and luckily the park wasn't that busy (I was hoping at since the Studios were only scheduled to be open till 5 that people would pick a different park, I was right!) We went straight for Toy Story Mania and literally walked right on, we only stopped long enough to grab our 3D glasses. We then grabbed Fastpasses to use later. After that we went over to the backlot area where the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet is. Chauncey and I are HUGE Phineas and Ferb fans, I'm hoping (as I'm sure many others are) that eventually they'll get Perry and Dr. Doof out for meet and greets as well.

And of course a day at the Studios wouldn't be complete with out stalking...I mean, visiting the Citizens of Hollywood

 Melvin trying to win Paige's heart

 Obviously it didn't work

 Holden Hollywood

 Time for the Hollywood Glee Club

 Later in the day Jack Diamond was showing off his slight of hand skils

 And down the street Melvin Macheezmo, Bo Wrangler and Officer Percival Peabody were participating in their version of "Dream Date" hosted by Dara Vamp

 Paige Turner was co-hosting

 Bo won....

 Till he found out the bachelorette was already married....

Officer Peabody was happy because he got a hug from a nice lady even though he didn't win

 And of course a day wouldn't be complete without the Funniest Citizen of Hollywood

 Evie joined us after she was eliminated

After the Citizens were done for the day we rode the Great Movie Ride and Star Tours one more time.

Since the Studios were now closed we walked over to EPCOT, it's a nice walk and doesn't take to long. We just spent the evening walking around World Showcase making sure to see The American Adventure.

We grabbed a bite to eat in Mexico at Taqueria Del Lago, we both had the nachos which were really good. We decided then to leave before Illuminations to beat the crowds and managed to see some of it from the bus on the ride back.


  1. I love the video of you dancing with Phineas and Ferb! How awesome! They have their show here at DCA, BUT aren't available for photo-ops just yet. :( We did get a picture with Perry in his Fedora at D23 on our wedding anniversary though. :) I agree - they should have Doof as a face character!

    The Citizens show looks really funny. They're sort of similar to the Laughing Stock Co. that perform in front of the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland.

    I'm glad you guys did something fun on your anniversary. :)

  2. Oh lucky, I wanna meet Perry (could you imagine the lines, he'd be so popular!)

    The Citizens are so much fun, we'd spend every day at the Studios and watch them. It was certainly the perfect way for us to spend our anniversary.