Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30th Birthday Disney Trip: Part 4

Saturday, March 2nd

Chauncey booked our flight home late enough that we were able to have some park time before we had to go to the airport. In the morning we packed and checked out and left our luggage with bell services and went to the Studios. The weather had turned quite cold, but we'd rather have a cold day in Disney World than no day at all.

I kinda wish they offered an version of the Jedi Training Academy for grown ups

We saw Miss Daisy Day who gave me to BEST birthday serenade!

Bo was giving roping lessons

And Jack Diamond was up to his usual tricks

Vladimir Pooey was filming a scene on the street

Holden was giving Daisy tips on how to conduct herself at an awards show

Time for one more bit before we go, Vladimir and Daisy

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  1. I love that last pic! I'm with you on the Jedi Training Academy too! When the show first started I sat in the very front to watch the show with all the younger parkgoers. Obviously, I didn't get picked (so unfair!). I could totally pass for a husky little kid. lol