Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New video: Make-up and Hair Care Haul


  1. I know you're not feeling your best, but I thought you looked really pretty in your video. Thanks for the tip on the BB cream. I'm still on the fence about them due to the coverage and now they're coming out with CC creams. I'm so behind! lol

    You're right about Ulta's coupons. Their limited restriction ones are so few and far between. :( I just used my 20% one a few weeks ago to get the Urban Decay All Nighter MU Setting Spray.

    That 4 piece eyeliner set looked like a great buy. I use creamliner because all the pencils weren't as great after I sharpened them. I think the liquid liner would look striking on you because of your colored eyes. You should do a Mod look with that one someday.

    1. I think the CC creams are strictly primers/bases and can't be used as a foundation (at least that's my understanding from what I've read). I was really surprised at how thick the Rimmel BB cream was, if you want to try an BB cream but are concerned about coverage I say try that one. And it's way cheaper than the Urban Decay one.

      I've never used a liquid liner before, I think I'm going to need to practice a lot. I love using a pencil liner because if I mess the line up (which I do frequently, I have such a hard time getting right next to the lash line and making the thickness of the line consistant on each eye) I can just smudge it and blend it out to hide the mistakes. I don't think I can do that with a liquid liner.