Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Break at WDW: Part 3

Sunday, March 17th

St. Patrick's Day found me at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I got to the park right at opening and got a FP for Toy Story Mania, then I went ahead and jumped in the stand-by line. Then I stopped to see Woody and Buzz which was so much fun. Wood gave me a big old hug and being a flirt, then Buzz had to jump in and get my attention. Then Woody spotted my wedding ring and motioned to Buzz that they had to behave themselves...I told them it was okay, we could still be friends ;-)

Mickey meeting #2!

As usual whenever we're at the Studios it includes encounters with our friends, the Citizens of Hollywood. I spotted our good friend Shelby Mayer out and about in his car chatting with guests. He said that their truck (the KPUT Radio truck you've seen in previous pictures and videos) was broken and therefore the COH didn't have a sound system and weren't able to do their usual sets. So they were doing more wandering and were spread out more until they had the truck working again.

Shelby got himself a St. Patty's Day noisemaker

I caught the now retired "Countdown To Fun" parade

The COH did get together for one set, making due without their trusty sound system

I ended up back at the room later in the afternoon to take a break, then when Chauncey to free we met Virginia and her husband at EPCOT for dinner and saw Chubby Checker's last show for the Flower & Garden Festival.


  1. I think it's so cool that they have the Flower Power concerts there. I wish they'd do something similar at DL, but I guess they figure there's a bigger retired baby boomer community in FL than would appreciate the bands more.

    1. I guess so. I know they had the Village People there a couple of weekends ago and I guess they drew in a huge crowd. I have some friends who are local that are "older" and one commented that it was nice to go to a concert and not be the oldest person there and also know all the lyrics to the songs.