Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break at WDW: Part 2

Saturday, March 16th

Saturday was Chauncey's first day attending the VR conference (the whole reason for him being there in the first place) so I was headed to EPCOT solo. I had done a solo trip years before, and I've even done part of a day solo when Chauncey has decided to sleep in. I walked from the Swan to the International Gateway via the Boardwalk and entered EPCOT. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

I knew that WDW during spring break was going to be busier than what I was used to so I was prepared for longer lines and not being able to ride as many rides as usual. I made a decision to spend my time wandering around and checking out the details instead of spending hours of the day in line for an attraction I'd been on dozens of times before. I utilized Fast Pass and single rider when I could, but otherwise I was content just being in my favorite place.

Besides the topiaries, I loved the two themed gardens that were set up for Flower & Garden. One was "Oz The Great And Powerful" and the other was "Cars".

Hand-blown and constructed glass flowers

One other thing I did that I usually don't do, a LOT of character meet and greets

One of THREE meetings with the Main Mouse

Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!

It got really warm within a few hours. You can see my beginnings of a sunburn. Tigger didn't mind!

The other nice thing about being at the Swan was that I was able to go back to our room in the afternoon and take a break. I could cool off, charge my phone, dump my pictures and video and rest my feet.

Chauncey came back from his day at the conference and we went to the Magic Kingdom for dinner, fireworks and the Main Street Electrical Parade.

We only did a couple of attractions before scoping out a spot to watch Wishes, the castle projections and the MSEP. While riding the TTA/Wedway People Mover, Space Mountain had some sort of breakdown and they had to turn the lights on! That was a very cool thing to see!

I swear they used my mom's look from the early/mid-1990's as a model for the mom in the last scene of the Carousel of Progress

Chauncey kicked my BUTT on Buzz Lightyear

We did stop in to the new Tangled themed restrooms in Fantasyland


The Magic, The Memories and YOU!

Main Street Electrical Parade


  1. really cool pictures, great post! love it!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thanks! There's more to come! So nice of you to stop by!

  2. A leisurely day at Disney sounds great. That's what we do a lot of the time, especially on busy weekends. It really is nice to stop and smell the roses, or in your case, stop and photograph the topiaries. :)

    1. LOL! I think being veterans makes it easier to just go and enjoy the atmosphere and not feel compelled to cram as much into the day as possible.