Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break at WDW: Part 1

If you guys saw the video from my birthday weekend you'll know that I was gifted with TWO trips to Disney, the second trip taking place a matter of weeks after the first one. I know I'm way behind in my trip reporting so I hope to have this report up and done within the week.

Friday, March 15th

Our trip started off like most do, up fairly early to get to the airport and through security. I had been concerned about security being busier than usual due to it being spring break, but thankfully it wasn't. We were slightly delayed because Chauncey forgot that he had a knife that he uses for work in his backpack. TSA caught it and asked him if we wanted it mailed to us, but since he got the knife for free and could easily replace it he told them they could keep it and dispose of it (or whatever they do with that stuff). It wasn't a big deal, but I found it a bit amusing.

As usual our flight was uneventful (although it was quite full) although landing again was rough (for me). I'm not sure if it's due to the weather because of the time of year (the warmer temps) but both times we flew into Orlando the landing was very bumpy and made me quite sick to my stomach. I guess we'll see how it is when we go back in December, but usually I don't have any problems then.

Since we weren't staying at a Disney hotel (even though we were on Disney property) we had to collect our own luggage and take a cab to the Swan. We managed to grab a cab right outside the airport and made it to the Swan within about an hour of us landing.

The rooms at the Swan aren't anything amazing, the decor is similar to what you'd see at a Hilton or Double Tree, but the beds were so comfortable! From our room we could see the backside of the Tower of Terror and at night we could see the higher fireworks from both Fantasmic and Illuminations.

We had an ADR in EPCOT for dinner and were super happy that we could walk out the back of the Swan and take a leisurely stroll to the International Gateway into EPCOT.

LOVED staying right near my favorite resort

The path can either take you by the Boardwalk or the Yacht Club/Beach Club, we decided to go by the YC/BC where Chauncey got to dip his toes in the sand.

We still had some time to kill once inside EPCOT so we stopped to see the British Invasion in the UK Pavilion.

This group was laughing, singing and dancing the entire set. They had been "drinking around the world" and were on their second to last country so they were quite happy.

We stopped in Morocco for a bit, a country we tend to skip over. It doesn't have much in the way of attractions but the details are beautiful.

Doctor Who reference!

It's a bit weird seeing the Illuminations globe out in broad daylight

The weather was beautiful

After dinner we went over to see The American Adventure, stopping to see some of the topiaries set up for Flower & Garden along the way
Lady & The Tramp in Italy

The Toy Story gang in America (although I only got a shot of Lotso who did smell like strawberries!)

The Will Rogers animatronic is one of my favorites

Cinderella and the Prince in between France and the UK


  1. Amazing blog !
    Kisses from Poland;*


  2. I love the topiaries! Why'd you stay at the Swan this time over on property? Trying things out for your traveling job? Is it cheaper over there than on property?

    1. This trip was a work trip for Chauncey (I was just tagging along), he was attending a conference that was being held at the Swan. There are some pros and cons of staying at the Swan and/or Dolphin. Stay tuned for a review for more details.

  3. Looks like it was a great time!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee