Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog every day in May....what!?!

Jenni over at Story Of My Life has but a challenge out there, blog every day for the month of May...that's 31 days of posts! I'll admit I've been pretty flighty about posting even semi-regularly here (I mean I've been back from my most recent Disney trip for over a month and I am still not done with my trip report *bad Rachel bad*) I can't promise that I'll post every day, after all there is this thing called real life outside my computer, but I am certainly going to try. I'm hoping blogging more often will get me into some sort of pattern that will wear off on me beyond the mont of May. Wish me luck!

Also I'm joining in with Marquis at Simply Clarke for Wildcard Wednesday. Come join and meet some new bloggers and maybe win a prize!

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