Monday, June 13, 2011

Band on the run.....

So besides being a huge Disney fan, I am also a big fan of the Beatles. I always like to say that I probably was a child of the 60's in a past life with my love of 60's rock and fashion.

That being said I've had the privilege of seeing both Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney in concert. I saw Ringo just last summer with my husband and my in-laws and I saw Paul back in 2005 with my mom. Both concerts were some of the best I've ever been to and since then I've been hoping for the opportunity to take my husband to see Paul. So when Paul announced a tour last year I watched and hoped that Paul would come either to Indiana or someplace close, but 2010 closed with no suck luck. With 2011 half-way done rumors started to swirl of more tour dates in the US this summer. And today an official announcement came from the McCartney camp. The good news, Paul is going to be coming to Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati, all within a reasonable driving distance of where we live! The bad news, I will be on vacation that same week.......

Now before anyone says anything, canceling my vacation is NOT an option. We've been planning this vacation for months and it involves my husband's wonderful family whom I love to bits and I wouldn't pass up a chance to go on vacation with them for all the money (or Paul concerts) in the world. However I just have to vent my frustrations with Paul and his people. With every concert I have ever been to, dates and locations have always been announced MONTHS in advance, plenty of time to buy tickets and make any necessary travel arrangements. But with last year's tour dates and this year's as well, Paul's camp seems to think that they can announce dates with  WEEKS notice, like in our case about 6.5 weeks notice. And while I know some die-hards will drop everything at a second's notice to go see Paul, I think for the average person this isn't the case.

Now there might be hope still on the horizon for me, there is a rumor of Paul performing in Minneapolis in early September (it's a bit of a drive but it's do-able), plus there haven't been any shows announced for the rest of August so there's still a chance he may still have more shows we could potentially attend. But until then I'm stuck waiting and wondering....will I see Paul again?

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