Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clothes on the road.....

I read an interesting article on Elle about a new trend in mobile clothing shops. Similar to the mobile food trucks that are becoming popular in many cities, there a companies in Boston, Portland and New York City that using the same idea to sell clothing. I have to say I like the idea, as someone who lives near a fairly decent sized city I still find myself looking for new and exciting options to shop for clothing. One can only go to the mall or outlet shops so many times before boredom can set in. There's always the thrill of the hunt, but after a while many stores seem to blend together as far as variety of merchandise. And while I would love to travel further from my home, time (and the price of gas Yikes!) can hinder the quest for the next perfect piece of clothing to add to my collection. So the idea of new and unique shops coming to me, even on a temporary basis is quite intriguing. What do you think, instead of you going to the shops would you like the shops to come to you?

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