Friday, June 10, 2011

"Thursday's" Treasures

Sorry about being a day late, I wasn't home at all yesterday and when I got up this morning our internet was out....Guess it's better to be late and than not at all right?

Swarovski Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

While I'm not much of a jewelry girl (most of my jewelry comes from Claires/Icing or Forever 21) my jaw hit the floor when I saw Swarovski had a line of jewelry to tie in with the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. I stopped by a Swarovski store today while out and saw the pieces in person and they are even more beautiful in real life. However they are all limited edition so once they sell out they're gone for good so act fast (*ahem* honey *ahem*) All photos from

Hayden Harnett Pirates of the Caribbean Handbags and Accessories

Are you sensing a theme to today's post? Trust me it's not coincidental as I've had Disney on the brain the last week (to find out why check out this post).  Well I discovered Hayden Harnett through a fellow blogger and Disney fan, Amanda Ficill aka the Disney Go To Girl. While the inspiration from POTC might not be as obvious as the Swarovski pieces, you can certainly get a piratey vibe from the bags, cuffs and scarves. All photos from

Beautiful Dead Scarf (comes in red, navy, white and khaki)

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