Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool geeky stuff

While I do love my clothes and shoes, I have to admit that I am a bit of a techno-geek as well. I love gadgets and electronics (although I love to play with them, the hubby loves to build them). Here are a few fun things I've found while surfing the internet (sadly none of them are my invention/idea but I still think they're cool)

Lego Printer
I don't know much about the person who built this other than what they've written in the description box below their video on Youtube, but I have to say while it's not efficient it's super cool!

PC Prankster
So according to the website,, you can "Take over a computer with this joke USB device. Simply plug the USB Prankster into your victim's computer and it'll take over and make random mouse movements, turns caps long on and off, type out random garbage text and phrases and generally be super annoying." It also includes a time delay option so you can plant it onto your victim's computer and leave without them finding you in the act. According to the makers it doesn't do anything damaging to the person's computer, it's functions are more annoying than insidious. I'm not one for pranking people, but I know a few people who would get a kick out of it.


It's a bike, it's a tricycle, it's the TerraTrike. Available through the Sharper Image, the TerraTrike has disc brakes, 3-speed gears and an optional stabilizer for indoor stationary use. It looks funny but if it's half as comfortable as it looks I would totally be outside riding.

Mini Robo Vaccum

Available from Fred Flare, you can think of this tiny vacuum as a Roomba for your kitchen table. I'm not entirely sure how much I'd actually use it for it's intended purpose (mostly because we hardly ever eat at our kitchen table) but it's super cute and I could see it offering hours of entertainment if we had a cat.

IntelliTracks Jukebox

If you've been to say a Buffalo Wild Wings or similar restaurant you've probably seen these digital jukeboxes available for you to pop in a buck or two and play a favorite song while eating your wings. Well IntelliTunes also makes these available for home use. Units feature dual LCD screens, touch screen technology, iPod/MP3 player support and wireless internet support. It has a DVD drive so you can pop in your favorite CD and transfer songs to the internal drive so you can have your entire music collection literally at your finger tips. The hubby both have dreams for a tricked out man cave and I totally would want one of these in it.

FTC Disclaimer: I am in no way being paid by any of these companies to showcase their products. I am simply someone who found some things I thought were cool and wanted to share them with the rest of the world. I honestly have no idea if any of these products work and/or are worth purchasing so if you do decide to purchase any of these items do so with caution and I am no way responsible for your results.

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