Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ich fühle mich nicht gut....

Day #10 of the challenge: You most embarrassing moment(s)

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When I started to think about an embarrassing moment in my life, I couldn't think of anything at first. Does that mean I've never been embarrassed or done something embarrassing in my life? Probably not. More than likely I have and I've either chosen to surpress forget it or it wasn't as bad as originally thought and the memory has faded. However there is one moment from junior high that has stuck with me.

I believe this memory goes back to 7th grade, maybe 8th...but it was definitely in junior high. I was in German class which I think was after lunch. I remember sitting in class listening to the teacher talk and I started to feel really sick. Stomach ache, nausea, you know what that feels like. Of course to be able to leave the class to go to the bathroom required asking in German (hence the title of this post, it says "I don't feel well" in German). Thankfully I got permission to go to the bathroom, unfortunately the bathroom was clear at the other end of the hallway. As soon as I left the classroom I knew that I needed to hurry so I walked as briskly as I could (no running in the hallways, plus running probably would have made it worse). Without getting to TMI, let's just say I didn't make it....whatever illness that had taken over my body came at me with its full force and it was messy. Going to the bathroom was pointless so instead I headed straight to the nurse's office...which was on the ground floor of the school and towards the main entrance (my class in on the second floor in a wing off the main building). My saving grace was that classes were in progress and all the lunch rotations were over so the halls were empty. I got to the nurse and I was a mess, emotionally and physically. Even to have the nurse see me like that was embarrassing enough, but then we had to call my mom and tell her and have her pick me up from school. I think the nurse tried to clean me up as best she could, otherwise I just tried to calm down as not to make myself sick again. I assume someone went and got my stuff out of the classroom and brought it to me. My mom picked me up and took me home, I got a nice hot shower and then I think slept for a least the next day or so. I'm still not entirely sure what made me so sick, some sort of stomach bug I guess. But you can imagine it was pretty embarrassing, going along at school and then bang, super duper sick with no control over your body. Thankfully I've never been that sick least not while in school.


  1. I'm thankful that when I've been that kind of sick, it's always been in private. While it was pretty embarrassing for you, I'm glad that at least you didn't have an audience for it. That would've been the worst.

    1. I know right. To this day I have no idea what made me so sick I had been perfectly fine until that class. I'm really glad no one saw me except the nurse and my mom since I was new to that school (I went to a different Jr. High for 6th grade). Talk about social death...