Thursday, May 16, 2013

Put your paws up!

Day #15 of the challengeA Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

*I'm "skipping" this day as I don't really take many pictures during my day-to-day, mostly because I work two jobs and neither are exciting enough or would allow photos to be taken in the first place. So instead I'm posting a topic of my choice.

I love animals. I've always had some sort of pet since I was in diapers, usually a cat or a dog (although at one point we did have a pet skunk!). While I don't have any pets at the moment (our apartment doesn't allow them) my mom currently has three dogs.

Buster (who even has his own Facebook page!)



My mom is a big animal lover and has always enjoyed taking care of her dogs, giving them the healthiest food and treats to make sure they are eating well. With all of the recent pet food and treat recalls she was becoming very concerned in what these three were eating. So she decided to start making treats at home. Thus Firedawgs Holistic Dog Treats was born! At first she was making the treats just for her dogs and friends, however it has grown into a home-grown business selling the treats.  

What's great about these treats is that:

-They're handmade so we know exactly what goes into each one

-They're made 100% from human-grade ingredients purchased from local health food stores. No fillers or preservatives!

-Treat recipes can be adjusted to accommodate special diets (vegan, grain free, etc).

-All product is made FRESH at the time of ordering

So if you are concerned about what your furry friend is eating consider ordering from Firedawgs. Orders can be placed via the Facebook page and shipping is only $5.95 regardless of order size (within the 48 contiguous states). Or if you find yourself in the Greenwood area you can pick up Firedawgs treats at Two Fat Guys Ace Hardware and Goodies Cupcakery (please note that supplies are limited at these locations). 


  1. all three of these dogs are so beautiful! so sweet that your mom makes them homemade treats. i've actually been thinking of doing the same for my little doggies too!
    -- please vote! shoe styling contest

    1. It's actually fairly easy to make your own pet treats, thankfully unless a dog or cat has some sort of allergy or dietary restriction they aren't very picky eaters. You should give it a shot!

  2. You Mom loves dalmations doesn't she? They're gorgeous! I think it's so awesome that she is making her own food. That just goes to show what a great fur mommy she is!

    1. Yes she does, Buster makes her 4th Dalmation (you probably remember Perdy who passed before I got married). They're great dogs, a handful, but she loves them regardless.