Friday, May 31, 2013

The day I said yes!

Day #31, the LAST DAY, of the challenge: a vivid memory

December, 2008: The Proposal

We had spent that afternoon visiting some of the WDW resorts looking at the holiday decorations, and had eventually made it to the Boardwalk to look at the gingerbread gazebo.

After looking at the gazebo we wandered out onto the Boardwalk area. Now this particular venture was to serve two purposes (well, it turned into 3 but we'll get to that ;) ) One to go check out the ESPN Club because we were planning on eating there later that week, I'm a HUGE sports fanatic (especially NASCAR and football) and wanted to eat there on Thursday so we could watch the Colts-Jags game. I love all the sports memorabilia they have there (some of it would look great on my walls ;)  )

The second reason we were out on the Boardwalk was to check out Sea Breeze Point. When we were planning our trip to WDW we knew we'd have to stop and look at the location, and this was our opportunity.  So we walked from the ESPN Club over to the location, which I loved even more after seeing it in person.

As we stood there enjoying the view (it was about 5 o'clock so the sun was starting to go down) Chauncey reaches into his bag and pulls out this book. It turns out to be this scrapbook that he's been working on since we started dating. Every page showed a different thing we had done together (movies, band competitions, a fondue party at his place, etc.) After we had looked through the entire book (and my mom was snapping pictures the entire time) Chauncey said that he had something else he wanted to give me. So he got down on one knee and pulled a ring box out of his pocket, opened it up and asked me to marry him! I had an idea that he might propose, I was still surprised and amazed. Of course I said yes and then after mom took more pictures we called/texted everyone we knew to tell them the wonderful news!

The view

Us looking through the scrapbook

A HUGE thank to you everyone who stuck around the entire month to read my posts, and to my new followers, HELLO! I promise to try and post on a semi-consistant anyone hosting a blog every day in June? LOL!


  1. I remember your engagement story because I thought it was so sweet of your husband to make you a scrapbook (plus I wondered where he got those cool Beatles stickers lol). What a great memory!

    1. You know what's funny about that scrapbook? There are no stickers. Each page was a collage he put together in Photoshop and then printed off each page and glued it in. So technically it's all virtual and so him.

  2. No wonder I never found those stickers anywhere! lol So cool!