Thursday, May 23, 2013


Day #22 of the challenge: Rant about something. Get on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

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My mother-in-law was in town last weekend for my mom's wedding. While we were out running errands we got caught up and of course my job hunt came up. One of the things that I mentioned to her was my frustration at the lack of communication from companies. I understand not hearing from certain companies if I applied for a position that I may not have been a good fit for. Or some companies may just be overwhelmed with applicants and mine never gets seen. I get that. 

My issue is with the companies that actually brought me in for an interview. I hate to sound like I am bad-mouthing anyone, the job search is tough for both the applicant and the company. However, if you bring someone in for an interview and then tell them that you'll be contacting them in a said period of time, there is a reasonable expectation that you'll follow through with that promise. I understand that sometimes you may not get through all the interviews as soon as you thought. But if said time passes without word, don't leave the interviewee left wondering. It's even worse if the interviewee took the initiative to follow up after said time period, and you still don't bother to give them a heads up on what it going on. If you decided to go with someone else, or not fill the position at all, please let the interviewee know. I would hope that you are not so overwhelmed that you can't take a minute to make a phone call or send an email with an explanation, after all you took the time to bring the person in for an interview. Again, I don't want anyone to think that I am trying to bad-mouth anyone, but there is a certain expectation of professionalism. I don't think it makes a company look very good if this is how they treat potential employees. Do you do the same thing with your current employees when they interact with their employer? They come to you with an question or issue and do you string them along? It's only fair that if a professional interaction is begun that all parties are expected to do their part until the interaction is complete, regardless of the outcome.

I'm not a professional by any means, but that's my opinion in the matter.


  1. I agree. They have form letters for this ("Dear Applicant, we regret to inform you...") and you know they have assistants so why not hand them a pile of the "no-thank you's" and let the applicants know. So frustrating and unprofessional!

    1. I know right! Take a darn form letter, add in the correct name and hit send (or have the intern do it!)