Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The story of my life....

Day #1 of the Blog Every Day In May challenge: Day 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less

Born 2/18/83 (yes I am now in my 30's) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Have lived here my entire life. Spent many of summer at grandma's house in Frostproof, Florida. Have been all over the US, to Canada once and on two cruises. Was in marching band in HS (as a member of the color guard) and won two ISSMA State titles. Being in color guard changed my life; I gained life-long friends and a stronger self-esteem. Theatre geek and card-carrying member of the Thespian Society. Graduated HS in 2001 and then took 7 years to complete my Bachelor's degree at IUPUI (I changed majors once). Was engaged to my HS boyfriend but broke up (it was mutual) while in college. Didn't date much till this guy in my sound editing class asked me out on the last day of class (May 1st, 2008). Started dating summer of 2008, got engaged that December, got married in Disney World on December 8th of 2009. Finished grad school in 2012 (both my BS and MS are in Media Arts), still gainfully underemployed at my college job and looking to move on. Hoping to one-day move to FL or CA so the hubby can work for Disney Imagineering. Happily childfree by choice. Dreaming of traveling the world and owning a couple of cats. Sports fanatic and lover of all things Disney.


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your disney love! good luck on moving there and hopefully your husband can find a job. enjoyed learning more about your and following now. :)